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Holy golly gee gosh, I'm 30. Life, you are going way too fast for me. Slow down.
3 Soul Egg animations finished.
3 ponies sent to the Underworld and back.
1 death among them.


One more set of memories to be made after finishing the jail cell. These involve Vinyl. What mysteries lie in her past?
Just roommates? Best friends? Something more? Many people dream up different relationship statuses between Vinyl and Octavia. There is an option to really decide Octavia's point of view when it comes to Vinyl. The option doesn't determine anything at the end of the game, it's just something that the player can decide. For people let's playing the game, it's also a way to express your opinion and let me, the developer, know what your preferred choice.
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Real quick before I go on my little spiel here:
  1. This is spoiler stuff for My Little Pony G5. If you don't want to spoil yourself over possible changes to the series, I understand. Please ignore this if you don't want to see it.
  2. I'm not racist. I need to say this upfront because there are many, many, many people that want to raise a ruckus over skin color. I'm not against the casting choices that Meghan McCarthy and her team makes.
Still with me and not racing down to make a comment as fast as possible? Ok.

1515461088459 by herooftime1000
1515463276994 by herooftime1000

These are a couple emails that were leaked to 4chan after someone hacked their accounts. Hasbro seriously needs to work on their online security measures.

I want you to pay attention to this, because this is the workings of the death of a character. I see this lazy, forced diversity crap way, way too often as of late in American media. Companies like Marvel, DC, Hasbro, and more are too scared to be labeled by the minority of America's population that virtue signal (and in some extreme cases, riot) as bigots, racists, sexists, Nazis, your buzzword here. So, what do they do? The do the laziest damn thing in terms of creativity and story telling: they take a pre-existing character, and change the hell out of it to be more inclusive. 

I'm not offended that Hasbro wants to make an urban pony that comes from the bad side of town. Far from it. I think that's a wonderful idea and having someone like Tiffany Haddish voice her is a lot of fun.

I'm offended because an already well established character has to die for the sake of social justice. Applejack, it's your turn for the noose.

Applejack in G4 is already a great character. She values family ties, hard work, honesty, and helping those that need it without a second thought. She's honestly my favorite of the 6, and her ideals reflect on mine as a Christian: Love thy neighbor as you love yourself. Unfortunately, some of the staff behind the show is dedicated to make her less "hick-ish" and sprinkle some forced diversity in the mix. They want to rewrite her as someone completely different a good one year after G4's finale, while our memory of her is still fresh in our minds. I know that the show's team is very creative.  They've driven the fanbase to, time and again, inspire people to create characters and stories of their own in their universe. So, you can imagine how extremely lazy they are to take the main six and start from square one with new voices and personalities. 

If they took the premise of an urban pony and made it into a new, distinguishable character, I would be behind their creative drive 100%. As it stands, they are taking the lazy route and killing a character to fill an invisible quota. As an amateur game designer, that is more offensive to me than any of the trigger warnings SJWs flap their jaws about. 

R.I.P. G4 Applejack. 



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